Case Studies

That Transfrormed Brands

20k video posting over instagram 1m+views

Numbers: 27 influencers Reach:650K+

Influencers: 30 Total engagement: 5.31 Reach: 800k+ App downloads: 100+

New Nike Flyknit Shoe TVC


Numbers: 20 influencers Reach: 1M

Jio Portable Wife Hotspot TVC


Opportunity to Collaborate on Diverse Range of Campaigns

Our Marketing Channels

                      We only do marketing that works

Sales Strategy

Using strong research and insights, we unearth opportunities with the potential to be magnetic. It’s how we know the work will actually work.

social media landscapes

We cover all social networks,incluiding
Instagram,linkdin,YouTube, Facebook

Creative storytelling

We create novel and innovative influencer
concepts to tell your brand story.

Celebrity endorsement

We can get the most reowned names from the Industry

Why Us

Over 2500+ Creators

We have a network of over 2000 influencers having a collective reach of over 10 million across Instagram in various categories. 

No Language Barrier

We make sure the content not only reaches Hindi or English.But also regional language Tamil ,t, ,Telegu, malayalam audience through our social media pages

Great Visual Experience

Our production team can create great visual experiences for you as we are skilled in making sketches, corporate videos, TVCs, etc

The massive reach of 20m+

We have a collective reach of over 20 million across all social media .Our content reaches a large number of people through meme pages and our team has professionals skilled in marketing. We can promote your brand and services through Instagram, Facebook and even YouTube.​

Your One Stop Solution For Excellence


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